Nearshore – Offshore – Gulfstream


Nearshore – We stay anywhere from .25 mile to 5 miles from the shore so it is always in sight.  Spanish Mackerel, Redfish, Flounder, Sea Bass and Sharks are easy to catch here.  It’s a short drive for those who only want to fish for part of a day.

Gulfstream – Expect a long day!  We leave at 6am and make the 90 minute trip while enjoying tunes and a gorgeous sunrise.  We’ll troll for Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, and Bonita for most of the morning.  After that we can find a good hole to bottom fish for Grouper, Black Drum, Snapper, Triggerfish, Tilefish, and more.  It’s then time to snooze on the way back as we let the waves glide us back to the dock in style.

Bottom Fishing – There are several places both near and far that will result in non-stop catch and release or catch and keep.  Sea Bass are plentiful in this area and keeps people entertained as they pull up two at a time.  We can jig and even pull up a LARGE African Pompano.

Trolling – Kind Mackerel uses shiny lures, not messy bait and they are fun to catch.  These fish put up a good fight and are a large fish to hold up for pictures to show your friends on Social Media!

High Speed Wahoo Trolling – We go to the Gulfstream for this with a rod/reel setup that is about $1,500 each and set the speed to 20 knots.  Since Wahoo are the only ones that feed at this speed, you are going to catch a HEAVY FIGHTER!  Usually 80# of meat that will beat your arms and shoulders up.  This is what we love!

Shark Fishing – We stay close to shore to catch and release strong fighters that take time to bring to the surface.  Sometimes they are smaller but they are a fun fight for kids.