Do not bring glass! If you forget and bring glass, it will be instantly tossed as this is a safety issue on a boat.

Q. Can I bring food/drink?
A. YES please do! Just nothing glass.  There is no fast food out on the ocean.

Q. Do I need a fishing license?
A. Nope.  We provide the license, bait, rods/reels, and ice.  Just bring your own food and drink and we provide the rest.

Q. Is there a bathroom aboard?
A. Yes, there is one that is a vacuflush, which means it is not a portopotty and will flush without worry or stink!

Q. Do I get to keep the fish I catch
A. If the fish meet the size criteria set by the state, they are kept. We charge $1 per pound to clean the fish if you want to take them with you to eat.

Q. Do I have to know how to fish or bring any equipment with me?
A. NOPE! We’ll show you all you need and supply everything needed for a fun afternoon.

Q. What if I get seasick?
A. There is 60 linear feet of boat to aim and toss! Kidding aside, after that happens, you will likely feel better afterward.

Q. How far out will we go?
A. That depends on the weather, how long you’ve booked and what’s biting. The Gulfstream is about 50 miles away but there are some good spots 15 miles and even 1 mile offshore. The season dictates where we go and what we are fishing for. We can troll or bottom fish, both catch good size fish. A mile from shore we can land shark several feet long that put up a heck of a fight!

Q. What if there is bad weather?
A. Fish don’t care about rain!  As long as the waves aren’t bad, we will fish.  Emergency rain ponchos can be found at WalMart for about $2 and will keep you mostly dry.  If there is a small craft advisory or lightening, we will not go out.  Rain or shine, bring sun screen!!!